Classic retro carAt C&L Auto Body, we love classic cars. In fact, we specialize in restoring vintage beauties. So we understand the dream of searching for a vehicle that needs TLC, with the hope of returning it to its former glory. The good news is that you don’t have to be a gear head to pursue that dream. At C&L Auto Body, we share your passion. And we love turning classic car dreams into reality. So, whether you plan on doing the work yourself or are considering hiring a professional for the heavy lifting, we have a few tips that might help you on your way:

  1. Find the Right Car

If this is your first classic car project, don’t buy your dream car just yet. Instead, look for something that is affordable so you can experiment through trial and error. But make sure you like the car. If you aren’t passionate about it, it could end up just collecting dust. The trick for budget-minded classic car enthusiasts is to choose a hidden gem…a car that is still stylish and will look great on the road, but isn’t yet in high demand. When it comes to classic cars, you can save money if you are ahead of the pack. Consider a few options such as 1965-1970 Chevy Impalas, 1973-1976 Chevy Lagunas, 1965-1973 Plymouth Fury’s, or 1971-1972 Dodge Demon. Focus on cars that have good bones.Cheap.

  1. Great Starter Projects:

You may not want to attempt a complete engine rebuild on your very first project. Instead, take on small restoration jobs first.

  • Fix small dents by using a dent puller with suction. These tools are relatively inexpensive. Leave larger dents for a pro.
  • Replace trim and molding with original parts.
  • Remove rusted body parts and panels and replace with original parts.
  • Clean interior surfaces and replace upholstery. You may be able to find vintage seats at a junkyard or online.

Gift new machine woman gives the man a car. Keychain car keys. Retro style pop art

Becoming a car restoration expert requires training and years or even decades of experience. So look for a mentor who shares your enthusiasm.

  • Plan carefully and take your time. Similar to the carpenter’s rule of “measure twice, cut once,” car restoration enthusiasts should consider every decision when it comes to restoring a car.
  • Set a budget. Car restoration is great because you can buy parts here and there, as your wallet allows. Before you get started on the work, add up the combined cost of parts and labor and add a 20-30 percent cushion for miscellaneous.
  • Invest in what matters. Ideally, you already have the basic tools and are relatively handy. For specialty tools, stick with high quality items, which will perform better, last longer, and pay off in the long run. pretty young woman in a cap and a striped shirt and shorts standing near retro blue car in the garage. Holds visor cap
  • Safety Firs During restoration, you’ll work with a number of dangerous tools like welding equipment and various solvents. Also, take special care while lifting the car on jacks.
  • Understand your limits. One of the great things about classic cars is that they lack the computer systems found in modern vehicles. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are easy to repair. Don’t be afraid to ask for outside help to finish a tricky mechanical job.

businessman says okay success pop art comics retro style HalftonC&L Auto can help make your classic car restoration dreams a reality. The “go-to” location for repair and restoration since 1970, we are known for our attention to detail, courteous service, and fair and affordable prices. C&L is owned and operated by the Buonsanti family, who strives to treat clients like family. Come by the shop 781 E San Bernardino Road in Covina, contact us via email today or call (626) 445-6630.