Should you "do it yourself" for auto body repair?

Should you “do it yourself” for auto body repair?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that car accidents happen every minute of the day. In fact, some 5.25 million driving accidents take place each year. So vehicle repair following accidents affects millions of drivers across the country, including right here in sunny Southern California. While we often use this blogging platform to share tips about do-it-yourself classic car restoration, it’s important to remember that vehicle repair following a collision is best left to professionals.Car repair after crash

There are several reasons for this:

  • Time is of the essence. When it comes to fixing up a classic car, you can probably afford to take your time to do due diligence – checking out pick-a-part places in person or online, ordering replacement parts and reading relevant “how to” books. However, When it comes to your primary vehicle, it’s an entirely different story. Following an accident, your primary goal will be to return to life as quickly as possible. That should also be the goal of the auto body shop you choose to retain.
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  • Equipment matters. You rely on your car to get you where you need to go. So don’t skimp on the right tools. When it comes to car repair, the equipment available to professionals is worlds apart from what lay people can purchase. A reputable collision center will have professional hoists, calibrated measuring systems, sandblasting equipment and immaculate painting booths, to mention a few.
  • Insurance claims are a time suck. Okay – so not every insurance claim experience is a nightmare, but most people would rather avoid the entire thing. If you work with an auto repair company like C&L Auto Body in Covina, you won’t have to worry about anything after filing the initial claim. Our concierge service will make your entire auto body repair process easy on you. We will even help you make arrangements for a rental car and deal directly with your insurance company, scheduling adjustment appointments (as necessary), preparing and presenting estimates, and arranging for payments.Fotolia_50485414_XS
  • Substitute parts compromise safety and design. Why compromise by working with parts that are available to the general public? If your brother-in-law offers to save you some money by “knocking that dent” out of your fender, we suggest you decline. In many cases, amateur repairs make things worse. For example, if you drive a European auto, it features aluminum and ultra hard steel, which requires special equipment to repair.

The “go-to” location for auto body repair and restoration in the San Gabriel Valley, since 1970, C&L Auto Body is known for our attention to detail, courteous service, and fair and affordable prices. If you select C&L to repair your car, our concierge service will help make your entire auto body repair process easy on you. We will even help you make arrangements for a rental car and deal directly with your insurance company. C&L Auto Body is owned and operated by the Buonsanti family, who strives to treat clients like family. Come by the shop 781 E San Bernardino Road in Covina, contact us via email today or call (626) 445-6630.