Caduta massi*Purchasing car insurance is a “necessary evil” for many drivers – especially those with impeccable safety records. But even the most careful driver cannot avoid acts of nature or damage done by car thieves. These types of events require “comprehensive” car insurance. What exactly is comprehensive coverage? It covers damages caused by events other than collisions. For example, when a roof collapses due to a falling tree or scratches mar the paint when someone keys the side panel of your car, these are classified as “non-collision” comprehensive incidents.

And whether or not you have comprehensive insurance, if anything happens to your vehicle, you will still want to fix the damage. Work with a qualified repair shop that understands how to fix non-collision related dents and scratches.

Car insuranceAccording to a 2015 Insurance Information Institute study, 77% of vehicle owners purchased comprehensive insurance. Although comprehensive insurance is not mandatory, skipping it will put you at risk of paying out-of-pocket for certain types of damages.

Typical Comprehensive Events and Repair Tips
Comprehensive car insurance is for non-collision events. Did a tree fall during a storm and smash the hood? It’s likely covered. Did a pack of teenagers steal the car and take it for a transmission-ruining joy ride? Comprehensive is essentially a “things happen” type of policy which covers many events, but not everything.

After the damage is done, it’s time to find a qualified repair shop. You need a shop that can handle all sorts of damages, from hail dents to vandalism. Each specific type of damage requires expertise and special equipment, so be sure to ask your repair shop if they have the necessary experience.

Comprehensive Does Not Cover “Everything.” A myth in the insurance industry is that comprehensive covers every type of incident or event.The burglar smash the glass of the car

Here are some exceptions.

  • Collisions are not covered. This includes instances where the driver’s car collides with other property other than another vehicle. The wording you use when making a claim can be critical here. For example, Make sure you say, “The rock hit me” instead of “I hit the rock.”
  • Roadside assistance services such as towing, tire changing, and battery services are not included.
  • Rental car reimbursements are not typically covered under comprehensive insurance. This service might be necessary when an insured car is made unavailable due to damage or theft.
  • Rental cars are only covered if you have “Rental Car Coverage” under these circumstances. We strongly recommend everyone have this coverage, as this can be very expensive if you do not have it and need it.

young man in suit showing an insurance policyReview insurance documents closely to spot any exclusions. Some of the exclusions are made on a case-by-case basis. For example, if you leave a covered parking lot only to place your car in hazardous conditions, such as during a widespread ice or hail storm, you might have to pay for the repairs yourself. Another example of this type of exception is if you ignore flood warnings, failing to remove a car from an underground parking garage that’s at risk.

Do you Need Comprehensive Coverage?

If you have a car loan or lease, your lender will very likely require you to carry comprehensive insurance on your policy. This kind of insurance acts as a “hedge” against total loss of the vehicle’s value.

For older cars, it often makes sense to remove comprehensive coverage. Liability insurance will protect you against large claims from other drivers or property owners, but comprehensive is not always necessary. Consider the deductible amount for your particular comprehensive insurance plan. For older cars, weigh the cost of the deductible versus the value of the car and the likelihood of a covered event occurring. You can do some quick research by looking at car theft statistics in your area, and then consider the severity of your area’s weather. If you experience frequent floods and snowstorms, you might want to keep comprehensive even for older vehicles, assuming the value is significantly higher than the deductible would be.Classic Car Vector Template

An exception should be made for classic cars in cases where either the actual or sentimental value of the car is high despite the car’s age. Comprehensive insurance on a restored classic car gives drivers peace of mind and might encourage them to venture out with their cars more often instead of keeping them under cover in the garage.

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*This blog post is about insurance as it relates to auto body repair. It does not provide information about the details of specific policies. For questions about coverage, please contact your insurance professional.