Santa Claus Hand With MoneyWhile you’re scouring deals for holidays gifts, consider ways to counteract spending by concentrating on savings. One potential source for lowering monthly costs is to reduce your auto insurance premiums. Industry competition is intense and a range of discounts abound. So it’s fairly easy to lower your rate so you can put some more holiday spending money into your pocket.

Shop Around

You don’t need to be tied to a single insurance carrier, even if you signed up for a bundled deal. Request quotes from multiple carriers, while being careful to compare “apples to apples” in terms of coverage and deductibles. Don’t shy away from discussing competitive rates, as insurance providers generally have a little leeway when it comes to facing fierce competitors.Businessman is using tablet computer, pressing button on touch screen and selecting "Competitor analysis".

While price is important, don’t forget to check the insurance provider’s reputation, particularly when it comes to customer service and claims adjustments. Consider talking to different types of insurers to find the best available key with remote - Christmas gift

Save Cash by Watching Details

Insurance capitalize on every conceivable reason to raise their rates, so do your due diligence to determine ways to reduce your premiums or prevent rate hikes relative to activity on your account.

  • Raise deductibles. If you are a consistently safe driver, you could save money on premiums. Increase your deductible. Car insurance is a protection against big accidents. Increasing the deductible from $250 to $1,000 could reduce your rate for significant year-over-year savings.
  • Request potential discounts. Is there a military personnel reduction or a “low mileage driver” benefit you have missed? It wouldn’t hurt to ask about new discounts every quarter, as insurance carriers offer new incentives in order to remain competitive. Bundling discounts are also common. To use this, you would combine several types of insurance with your auto policy.
  • Avoid installment payments. Pay the annual premium all at once to avoid installment payment fees. Manually paying your premiums could also puts you at risk of missing a payment. Avoid these fees and the associated  lapse in coverage.

Christmas snowman character car accident gift cartoon illustration isolated imageDrive Carefully to Save Cash

Whether you are at fault or not, accidents can lead to increased insurance rates. Here are a few hints to help you stay safe while you’re on the road:

  • Stay alert. Don’t text or talk while you drive. Look ahead to anticipate problems such as stopped traffic.
  • Watch for blind spots. Be careful while switching lanes. Watch out if you are driving next to a car for an extended period of time. Slowly brake or increase your speed to make sure you aren’t in their blind spot.
  • Use your turn signal. Show your intentions while driving, and usage of turn signals can help you in a driving-related lawsuit.
  • Keep a safe distance. Maintain distance from the car in front of you. Allow for one car length for each 10 mph of speed. This will give you a cushion so you can stop safely in case of an unexpected issue such as road debris or a sudden traffic jam.

Holiday Cash Savings

Drivers who follow these steps should enjoy some extra holidays cash. And why not use that extra money for a mini car detail or to start restoring your classic car?

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