man using phone after accident, insurance conceptThe auto body repair industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Experts point to four main reasons for 2017 auto body repair trends:

  1. Increase in Accidents.

    The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that car accidents happen every minute of the day. What’s more, three million people are involved in car accidents each year. This number is increasing. Experts attribute the trend to the prevalence of distracted driving. Each day, nine people are killed, nationwide, due to distracted driving-related incidents. Law enforcement officials are working hard to educate the public about the inherent risks of distracted driving. This includes texting, emailing, navigating GPS or otherwise utilizing technology while at the wheel. They say that people are 23 times more likely to crash if they text while driving than if they shun the practice.

    Dashboard of a car with big mileage - two hundred thousand kilometers
    2. Extended Vehicle Life.

    Americans are holding onto their vehicles longer than ever before: 11.4 years, on average. High-sticker prices, less disposable income and higher mileage life have led to a rise in seven-year auto loans. Car owners who are still making payments on their vehicles shun DIY work in favor of professional repair. This is true for both mechanical and cosmetic repairs. Most modern cars make it well past 200,000 miles before calling it a day. This is far longer than their antiquated counterparts, which peaked at 100,000 miles.

Vector creative illustration of line auto accessories with heade3. Technology.

Complicated Cars. So, do-it-yourselfers realize the value in leaving their prized possessions to professionals. Such shops have access to computers which communicate directly to vehicle “brains” – many of which specify items in need of attention along with part numbers. Repairs to a Chevy circa 1957 required little more than the right wrench and a short course at the local community college. Today’s makes and models require expertise. Finely tuned machines should be treated with experienced kid gloves.

4. Peer & Legal pressure.

Roads are no  longer filled with cars sporting duct-taped trunks and makeshift cardboard windows. Americans not only value aesthetics, but more stringent laws relative to automobile appearance and Broken car icon, cartoon stylefunctionality. In Southern California, where C&L Auto Body is located, cars are required to be “road worthy.” Citations are given when vehicles have broken taillights or mirrors, cracked windshields, or other safety-related items. Don’t assess the damage yourself when you are in an accident. Instead, let a certified auto body repair facility make sure everything is okay.

Back of a generic black carThe “go-to” location for auto body repair and classic restoration in the San Gabriel Valley, since 1970, C&L Auto Body is known for our attention to detail, courteous service, and fair and affordable prices. If you select C&L to repair your car, our concierge service will help make your entire auto body repair process easy on you. We will help arrange for a rental car and deal directly with your insurance company. C&L Auto Body is owned and operated by the Buonsanti family, who strives to treat clients like family. Come by the shop 781 E San Bernardino Road in Covina, contact us via email today, call (626) 445-6630 or visit