Call us when you or someone you love has an automobile accident. Our goal in such cases is to restore your vehicle to pre-accident or better condition. But we would rather help you avoid accidents altogether. In honor of National Safety Month, we wanted to join the effort to raise awareness. So, we offer these safe driving tips from your friends of C&L Auto Body:

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  • According to Injury Facts 2016, which is the National Safety Council’s annual report on unintentional injuries, the three biggest causes of fatalities on the road arealcohol, speeding and distracted driving. To be safe while driving, don’t drink and drive, don’t exceed the speed limit and don’t allow distractions to take your mind and eyes off the road.

    Safe Driving with Seat Belts

  • Failure to come to a complete stop at designated intersections leads to devastating car accidents. Pay attention to road signs.
  • Accidents resulting from mechanical failure, from normal wear and tear or inadequate vehicle maintenance, comprise about 13% of all car incidents. Before driving a car, do a routine safety check, like the systems check airline pilots perform before taking off in jets. And, as soon as you get into the car, take time to adjust mirrors and seats before placing key in the ignition.

  • Dangerous road conditions contribute to the potential for car accidents. This is true of weather-related hazards as well as poor construction and/or upkeep. Pay attention to your surroundings.Unknown

    Drive Defensively for Safety

  • Even if you drive responsibly, you can’t count on other drivers to do the same. Several states offer defensive driving coursework. If you complete such a class, you may be eligible for insurance discounts and/or point reduction off your driving record. Check with your insurance agent and state DMV for your state’s regulations. Drive defensively.NSM_Logo_2016 STACKED_4C

    Disabled Vehicles Hamper Safe Driving

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