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With Southern California’s hot September climate, it’s difficult to imagine the harsh storms wreaking havoc along the Gulf Coast. But even in sunny So Cal, where C&L Auto Body is based, winter is on its way. And one of the certainties of stormy weather is that it is one of the sure-fire ways to damage vehicle paint. And it’s far from the only threat to your car’s finish. Here is how you can protect your paint, to get the most out of your car’s paint job:

More Than Cosmetic

A professionally-applied and well-maintained coat of paint not only provides your vehicle with eye appeal, but protects your vehicle’s steel components from rusting and deterioration, over time. So, while you may be tempted to ignore minor scratches in your paint job, this type of damage can lead to bigger auto body problems down the road. So, don’t wait for rust and cracking to appear. Schedule regular service at an auto paint shop. In many cases, touch-up paint can eliminate the need for an entirely new paint job.Repair and painting car car mechanic

Stormy Weather Threatens Car’s Paint Job

As people who live on the Gulf Coast have discovered, hurricanes and tropical storms damage vehicles as often stationery structures. In fact, Hurricane Harvey has destroyed hundreds of thousands of cars. But you don’t have to live in hurricane-prone territory to face weather-related vehicle damage. Hail Damage IconHail is a common culprit in Colorado. Lightning strikes have also been known to total cars. The best way to keep your car safe in storms is to keep it safely stowed in a garage in bad weather. While doing so is not always practical, it is the best safeguard for protecting your vehicle. Before winter hits, clean out your garage to make room for your car.

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Did you know that going to the gas station may ruin your car’s paint? Gasoline is a corrosive substance that can eat away at your car’s finish. So, when you gas up, be careful you don’t accidentally spill drops of gasoline on your car’s exterior. The effects of doing so can be cumulative, leading to significant paint damage over time.

Sap It

amber drops of pitch flow down on a pine trunkAnother threat to the integrity of your vehicle’s paint job is tree sap. This is particularly problematic if you park the car underneath a tree. Periodically check your paint job for signs of tree sap stains. An extremely sticky substance that hardens once it falls onto the surface of your car, tree sap can cause significant damage to the clear coat and compromise the integrity of paint layers underneath the surface.

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UV rays cause serious damage to vehicle paint. Continued sun exposure can lead to automotive paint peeling and fading. To protect your car’s exterior, park in a shady location whenever possible. And invest in an affordable sunshade.

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