Hello I am an Uninsured AmericanThe Insurance Research Council reports that California has the most uninsured drivers in the country. Some 4.1 million drivers around the Golden State do not have insurance. Uninsured motorists risk penalties. Also, driving without insurance has consequences beyond liability relative to accident-related costs. Uninsured motorists can pay fines of up to $200 and tow companies can impound their cars.

What to Do in an Accident

If you are involved in a car accident in Southern California, where C&L Auto Body is located, take these steps:SD男性 車

  1. Make sure everyone is okay.
  2. If possible, pull off the road or to a safe location.Traffic Accident and insurance concept, Insurance agent working on report form with car accident claim process
  3. Call 911 to tell the police your location.
  4. Request to see the other driver’s identification or ask for their name.
  5. Provided you are safe to do so, use your mobile phone to take photos of the vehicles, vehicle damage, and the other driver’s license plate.
  6. It is common to forget accident details once the trauma subsides. So, carefully write down what happened while it is fresh in your mind.
  7. If an uninsured driver refuses to give you their identification or name, or if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable gathering information, wait for law enforcement to arrive.
  8. Dutch policeman with radio focus on badge with logoOnce police arrive, let them determine who is at fault, and rely on officers to ask for the other drivers’ insurance card and driver’s license.
  9. Request a copy of the police report.

zombie businessman looking at statistic in his smart watchScary Stats

Nationwide, approximately one in seven drivers (nearly 14% of all drivers) are uninsured. These risk-takers drive without so much as basic coverage. Driving without insurance costs the automobile insurance industry and insured drivers billions of dollars each year.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

If an uninsured motorist hits you, your auto insurance carrier should cover damages. This is if your policy includes coverage for under-insured or uninsured motorists. If you aren’t sure whether you have such coverage, double check with your insurance. However, if an accident occurs before you can add such coverage, you could end up having to sue the uninsured driver to collect damages. In such a Insurance design.case, you would likely have to pay the auto insurance deductible out of pocket and potentially be reimbursed. If uninsured driver hits you and damages your car, your auto insurance company may recover damages from the other driver. In such an event, the court may subpoena you to testify as a witness and victim.

Car Before Repair and AfterWhat to do

When your car is damaged by the uninsured driver, find a reliable auto repair shop such as C&L Auto Body. We can complete the necessary repairs in a professional, quick, and timely manner – returning your car to pre-accident condition. A reliable auto body shop can alleviate the stress caused by a motor vehicle accident.

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The “go-to” location for auto body repair and classic restoration in the San Gabriel Valley, since 1970, C&L Auto Body is known for our attention to detail, courteous service, and fair and affordable prices. If you select C&L to repair your car, our concierge service will help make your entire auto body repair process easy on you. We will even help you arrange for a rental car and deal directly with your insurance company. C&L Auto Body is owned and operated by the Buonsanti family, who strives to treat clients like family. Come by the shop 781 E San Bernardino Road in Covina, contact us via email today, call (626) 445-6630 or visit www.CandLAutoBody.com.