Car InsuranceIn the state of California, where C&L Auto Body is located, car insurance is required of every licensed driver. In fact, California law requires drivers to carry at least $15,000 in Bodily Injury Liability Coverage ($15,000 per person /$30,000 per accident minimum), $5,000 minimum in Property Damage Liability Coverage, and because not everyone obeys the laws, uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage ($15,000 per person /$30,000 per accident minimum). We deal with insurance coverage in our work repairing vehicles after collisions and comprehensive events. So, unlike insurance agents, we don’t profit from the insurance premiums you pay. So, you can trust our brief overview of the types of car insurance coverage you may need.

What to Consider

Whether you drive a nice car or a beater, cover yourself in case life happens. We repair cars every day and, believe us when we say that life does happen!Car Insurance

Car Insurance Terms


The deductible is the portion of damages you will have to pay for before your insurance coverage kicks in. For instance, if you are in a fender bender, even if repairs cost $3,000, you would only be responsible to pay $500 toward repairs. Insurance would cover the remaining $2,500. Since insurance deductibles apply per claim, if you have a second accident two months later, you would have to pay another deductible. But, in most cases, paying a relatively small deductible is reasonable, compared to what would otherwise come out of your pocket! In cases where repair work exceeds the amount of your deductible, you would be responsible for the entire amount.

Terms Car InsuranceInsurance Premium

A car insurance premium is the dollar amount you pay for coverage. Depending on your insurance company, you could pay monthly, quarterly, semiannually or even annually. Car insurance premiums can vary based on things like your deductible, age, the make and age of your car, driving history, and the type of insurance you purchase.

Coverage Limits

Car Insurance DeductiblesYour coverage limit is the maximum amount your policy would cover for each incident. Work with your agent to make sure you have maximum coverage. If you exceed your policy’s limits, you would be responsible for any remaining costs.

Basic Coverage

How much car insurance do you need to protect yourself, your passengers, and your car? Three of the most important types of auto insurance available are liability, comprehensive and collision coverage. Think of these as the basics—or coverage you can’t afford to do without.

Liability Coverage

Car Insurance LiabilityThough liability coverage doesn’t protect you or your car, it does protect your wallet! Accident deemed “your fault” mean liability insurance covers third-party costs you would otherwise typically be responsible for. These include medical or auto-repair costs sustained due to the accident.

Comprehensive Coverage

This refers to incidents which occur without a collision. Comprehensive coverage means you are covered! Whether it’s theft or damage from a fire, a storm, a natural disaster, or even a limb falling on your car, comprehensive coverage would pay to replace or repair your car if the damage isn’t due to a collision. Like liability insurance, comprehensive coverage is inexpensive—so buy it whether you’re driving a used car or a brand-new luxury vehicle.

Collision CoverageCar Insurance Collision

No matter who is at fault in an accident, collision coverage will cover repairs or even replacement of your car. If an accident which is your fault destroys your car, the other driver’s liability coverage won’t pay for your car repairs because they are not “liable” (otherwise known as “at fault”). Without collision coverage, you would have to pay out-of-pocket to repair or replace your car.

Rental Reimbursement

Car Rental InsuranceMost people need transportation while their vehicle is in the shop. For this reason, rental reimbursement coverage covers the cost of a rental car (up to a specific dollar amount and number of days) while your vehicle is being repaired for damages covered by your insurance.

Custom Equipment

If you’ve installed “aftermarket” or “performance” parts on your car, you could opt for Custom Equipment coverage. Although this type of coverage is expensive, it is useful if your car needs repair or replacement for enhancements like custom running boards, stereo systems, or custom paint. To save money, insurance companies often use “aftermarket” parts when they replace or repair parts on your vehicle. OEM Endorsement coverage ensures OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts—the same parts your manufacturer safety tested and used to originally build your vehicle—are used on your car.

Glass CoverageCar Glass Insurance

Some insurance companies offer glass coverage and waive all deductibles. If you carry this type of coverage, you may even be able to call a mobile glass repair company. Insurance picks up the cost of this type of repair because it saves them from covering more expensive glass replacement costs.

Which Deductible is Right for You?

Before deciding on your deductible, consider the amount of money you will be comfortable paying in the event your car is in an accident. In most cases, your insurance company will mail you a check made out to you and the auto body shop you select for repairs. You will be responsible for paying your deductible directly to the body shop before repairs can begin. You may be tempted to hold onto the insurance check, figuring you can pay for repairs down the line. We recommend against doing this, since some damage sustained in the accident may not be visible with a naked eye. Also, if you leave body work undone, rust can accumulate, further degrading the condition of your vehicle.

About C&L Auto Body

Car Insurance RepairWhenever you have an accident, the most important thing to do is to call your auto body shop. Also, know that you have options when it comes to auto body repair. It is illegal for your insurance to demand that you use one shop over another. The “go-to” location for auto body repair and classic restoration in the San Gabriel Valley, since 1970, C&L Auto Body is known for our attention to detail, courteous service, and fair and affordable prices.

If you select C&L to repair your car, our concierge service will help make your entire auto body repair process easy on you. We will even help you arrange for a rental car and deal directly with your insurance company. C&L Auto Body is owned and operated by the Buonsanti family, who strives to treat clients like family. Come by the shop 781 E San Bernardino Road in Covina, contact us via email today, call (626) 445-6630 or visit