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Auto Body Repair: When Not to “Do It Yourself”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that car accidents happen every minute of the day. In fact, some 5.25 million driving accidents take place each year. So vehicle repair following accidents affects millions of drivers across the country, including right here in sunny Southern California. While we often use this blogging platform to share […]

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Eight Things to Do if You’re in an Automobile Accident

According to the National Safety Council, approximately 2,700 automobile accidents occur on American roadways each day. If your vehicle is involved in one of these, would you know what to do? Although you might think you could manage, adrenaline and injuries could conspire to impede your judgment following a crash. So, before one happens to […]

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Should Your Insurance Dictate Your Choices?

As soon as you recover from the initial shock of surviving an automobile accident or other damage to your car, you will need to think about vehicle repair. Since your insurance company will likely recommend an auto body shop, the question is whether you should defer to their advice? In fact, do you even have […]

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